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Our Story

MidAtlantic Farm Sensors llc was born out of a curiosity about wireless technology and a desire to help local food producers.  We grew to know local farmers and their struggles with all kinds of risk, including weather, power outages, and equipment failure.  We felt there had to be a way for farmers to remotely monitor their infrastructure and local weather conditions.  We wanted a flexible and mobile system, suitable for deployment on a working farm.  And the system had to be able to alert the farmer if there were problems on the farm.  It is time for the information age to come to the farm.
Who We Are

We are a biologist and technician with a deep understanding of the importance of environmental monitoring to a wide range of businesses, particularly farming.  We help farmers avoid costly mistakes when investing in wireless technology by providing the research and system set up free of charge.  

Our Technology

We provide wireless technology that is at the cutting edge of today's Internet of Things (IoT) environment.  Our systems can use Ethernet connections or cellular communication to push data from the sensor to a online dashboard.  Our systems typically measure temperature and humidity but we have the flexibility to provide a wide range of other sensors.  

Our Strategy

We are focused on delivering the benefits of wireless sensors to small and medium scale produce, flower and livestock farmers, vineyards, orchards, and hop yards.  We strive to provide the best technology for the lowest possible investment.   The equipment we provide is intended for professional use where real dollars are at risk.

Our Partners

We could not bring cutting edge technology to the farm without our industry partners who manufacture our equipment. Many of our partners are leading the industry in adapting low cost wireless communication and low power sensors to serve numerous industries.  Monnit is currently our main equipment provider but we keep our eyes what new technologies are developing. 

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