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Design Your System (or Let us do it)

You Can Design Your Own Sensor System With a Few Steps:

Select Your Gateway - How do you get to the internet on your farm?  If you have a WiFi router on the farm then you can use an Ethernet Gateway which plugs into the back of your WiFi router.  The gateway will collect the data from the sensors and upload it to the internet through your router.   If you don't have WiFi on your farm, but you have even a weak cellular signal then you should select a Cellular Gateway.  All cellular gateways include a battery backup so that you can get alerts even if the power goes out.  This is a good option if you don't live on the farm and want to know what is happening on the farm during a power outage. 


Select Type of Sensors - Most farmers are using temperature sensors which can be used for air, soil or water.  Humidity sensors provide humidity, temperature and dew point, which can be helpful in monitoring condensation conditions in greenhouses and hoop houses.  The Sensors use 900MHz signal which is much more powerful than a WiFi signal. 


Where to Put your Sensors -  Farmers can use sensors in greenhouses, high tunnels, caterpillar tunnels, walk-in coolers, meat freezers, root cellar, cool room,flower coolers, and germination chambers.  

Fill out the form on this page with the equipment you want, and we will get with you to review it.  If you have questions, send us an email from the contact page.


Farm Design Info

Put in your farm information and I will get back to you with an estimate for you system.


Let Us Do the Work

You are a farmer and we believe that you should maximize your time farming, not messing around with figuring out sensor systems. You tell us what and how you farm, and we can give you options for how best to use wireless sensors to make your life less complicated.  Many factors influence the design of a system including the distance between sensors, the source of internet connection, the types of infrastructure being monitored, and the type of farming being conducted (i.e. livestock, market farming, etc.)


We believe that our design services help farmers obtain the best possible system at the lowest possible cost, avoiding many potential costly mistakes.  We can help you compare the Monnit ALTA system with any other system that you might be considering.     


Please contact us for a free evaluation of how sensors could protect your farm.

  • An initial desktop survey of the farm layout, internet access and sensor requirements.
  • Selection of the best sensor system for your farm, including specific sensors, repeaters and gateways.
  • Set up of online dashboard with phone numbers and email addresses, and setting alert functions.
  • Ongoing support of equipment and software.  


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