Our Services

Our services include:
  • An initial desktop survey of the farm layout, internet access and sensor requirements.
  • Selection of the best sensor system for your farm, including specific sensors, repeaters and gateways.
  • Set up of online dashboard with phone numbers and email addresses, and setting alert functions.
  • Ongoing support of equipment and software.  


Farm Specific System Design

You are a farmer and we believe that you should maximize your time farming, not messing around with figuring out sensor systems. You tell us what and how you farm, and we can give you options for how best to use wireless sensors to make your life less complicated.  Many factors influence the design of a system including the distance between sensors, the source of internet connection, the types of infrastructure being monitored, and the type of farming being conducted (i.e. livestock, market farming, etc.)


We believe that our design services help farmers obtain the best possible system at the lowest possible cost, avoiding many potential costly mistakes.  We can help you compare the Monnit ALTA system with any other system that you might be considering.     


Please contact us for a free evaluation of how sensors could protect your farm.

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