Monnit ALTA Wireless Systems

MidAtlantic Farm Sensors has elected to exclusively provide Monnit ALTA systems to our farming partners.  We believe that this system is the most cost effective professional system currently available on the market.  The transmission distance is unmatched by any other system.  The annual costs are extremely low compared to similar systems which often charge monthly fees for each sensor.  Monnit is committed to continue to innovate new sensors, and all of the hardware is assembled here in the USA (Salt Lake City, Utah).  
The Monnit ALTA Wireless Sensor Systems are well suited to almost any size farm. Each system consists of the following:    
  • Ethernet or Cellular Gateway
  • Wireless Sensors with
    • 1+ Mile transmission distance and
    • 5+ year battery life.
  • iMonnit Premier Cloud Solution - A cloud based dashboard.
  • Easy to use App for iPhone or Android phones. 
The gateway collects the data from the wireless sensors, and pushes the data to the iMonnit Cloud Solution. The Monnit gateways require AC power in a location protected from rain and irrigation. If there is a home or office on the farm with an internet router, then the Ethernet gateway would be a good choice.  While it is ideal to have the gateway near a window, the wireless sensors are strong enough to transmit through several walls.  If an internet connection is not available on the farm, a cellular gateway can be used to connect to the iMonnit cloud solution.  Gateway pricing would be as follows:
Ethernet Gateway               $200   (Direct wired to router, AC outlet required)
Ethernet Gateway (POE)    $220   (Direct wired to router, powered by router)
3G AT&T Cellular Gateway  $250  (2 year plans, with $10/month cellular costs)
Above with Battery Backup $260   (battery powers gateway for 24 hours if power                                                             goes out)
Fully weather proofed gateways are also available.  We can help you select the right gateway for your farm.                                                     
Wireless Sensors
Each wireless sensor has over a ~1+ mile line of sight transmission distance.  Monnit has over 40 different sensors, including:
  • Air Temperature
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Water Temperature
  • Soil Temperature
  • Light
  • CO2 
  • Water Detection for Tanks
  • Propane Level 
  • Door Open/Close
There are a wide range of sensor types, battery options and enclosures. Sensors typically cost approximately $100 - $170 each.  Fully weather proof sensors are available for use in a field.  We will help you select the most appropriate sensors for your farm.  Send us an email, and we will get back to you to discuss your farm.
iMonnit Premiere Cloud Solution
Monnit has a very easy to use dashboard you can access on a tablet or phone.  You can set alerts and alarms which you receive via text message and email.  You have complete control over how the alarm settings work and you can program multiple phone numbers into the dashboard to receive alerts.  The alerts for each sensor are set separately so that you can really customize the system to your specific needs, including seasonal changes. 
The iMonnit Premiere Cloud Solution is very economical, and based on the number of sensors on the farm: 
    Less than 6 sensors                $39/year
    6 to 12 Sensors                       $59/year
    Up to 25 sensors                     $99/year
Unlike other systems, there is no charge for each separate sensor. If you select a cellular gateway, there is a $10/month fee for the cellular connection.   
MidAtlantic Farm Sensors will set up your software account and initial alerts, then test the system before we ship the equipment to you. The system will operate immediately out of the box on the very first day you get it.   Over time it will be easy for you to learn to further customize your settings.
If you ever need help trouble shooting a software problem, we can log into your account and help identify the issue.  We want to be sure you are getting the most out of your sensor system. 

Basic Farm System(~$500)

A typical starter system for a farm might include the following:

  • An Ethernet Gateway ($200)

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Walk-in Cooler ($170)

  • Temperature Sensor for Greenhouse/Hoophouse ($105)

  • Access Plan for Dashboard Software ($39/yr)

  • Software AP for your Phone (free)


Total costs of approximately $475 for system setup and equipment, plus annual costs of $39 for dashboard access.  Additional charges for shipping and taxes will apply.  Cellular gateways require additional costs.  


Additional sensors can be added for approximately $105-$170 each, depending on type of sensor.


Please contact us for a free evaluation of how sensors could protect your farm.


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