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Our Products

We combine existing technology designed for monitoring computer server rooms, commercial cold storage and landscaping, with products designed specifically for farming.  We select our equipment from a range of manufacturers, matching equipment to each farm based on communication distances, proximity to internet signals, and access to power.  

There are over 40 wired and wireless sensors currently available on the market.  Knowing how to use each is key to an effective monitoring system. Temperature and humidity sensors.  Sensors may come with different types of wireless communication, from a 300 foot line of sight to 4 miles.  Different types of communication also require different power supplies.  

A gateway is the "mothership" for the wireless sensors. The sensors relay their data to the gateway, which stores the data and then sends the data out to the internet dashboard. Gateways may be direct wired into an existing wireless router or use a cellular signal.  Gateways need AC power, but they also come with battery-backups and can even be fully weather proofed for outdoor deployment.  

MidAtlantic Farm Sensors Temperature Probe
MidAtlantic Farm Sensors Gateway
Midatlantic Farm Sensor Repeater

On some farms the distance between the sensors and the gateway may exceed the signal distance of the sensors.  Or there may be metal roofed buildings or other obstructions to the wireless signals. In these cases we recommend a repeater which picks up the sensors signals and relays them to the gateway.  

Ancillary Equipment

We also augment the electronic equipment with solar shades to reduce overheading, and to insure accurate temperature measurements. In addition to electronic sensors, we also provide easy to use manually read rain gages and soil moisture meters.  

Typical Basic Farm Package - Under $400

A typical basic package for a farm would include a gateway and a temperature sensor. The gateway would be plugged into a AC outlet in a home, barn or greenhouse.  The temperature sensor would be located in a critical area such as the walk-in cooler or greenhouse. Additional sensors can be added to the basic package.  The package wil come pre-programmed with thresholds and alerts.  We test the system before it is shipped to insure that the dashboard is functional including the alert messages.  

Our Technology Partners

MidAtlantic Farm Sensors has teamed with some of the leaders in wired and wireless sensors.  Please use the drop down menu under Products to learn more about our partners, and to explore which systems might be best for your farm.  We are always available to explain the differences between the various technologies we supply. 


  • Monnit ALTA Wireless Systems - With transmission distance of up to 4 miles, this system can work on many different size farms.  Very economical and has a 10 year battery life.    

  • Irrometer  - The leader in soil moisture measurements - both manual and wireless systems.  

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