Providing Farmers with Peace of Mind

Our Mission

Our firm is dedicated to helping farmers succeed.  Farming is an inherently risky business: 

  • A greenhouse heater goes out at night,

  • A meat freezer trips a circuit breaker,

  • A hoop house overheats in the summer, or

  • The power goes out in a walk-in cooler.


Our goal is to reduce these risks and bring peace of mind to our farming partners. We provide professional level wireless sensors to monitor environmental conditions, upload that data to a web-based dashboard, and send alerts when critical thresholds are exceeded. 

We understand your business which allows us to match you with the best selection of sensors and equipment to meet your needs. Our equipment is for professional businesses, not for home use. We do the research to match the equipment to your farm and set up the software before it arrives, at no cost, so that you don't waste time or money on systems that won't work for you.    

How We Do It

By combining sensors with low battery consumption, wireless communication, and cloud based data storage, we provide a system where a farmer can use a smartphone to check a cooler, freezer, hoop house or green house while in the field, at the farmers market, from the house, or on vacation.


Your farm's dashboard doesn't just wait for you to check in, it will email, text or call you if any of the sensors exceed critical thresholds that you set.  You have full control over how the thresholds are set, when they are active, and how the dashboard communicates with you.  If the heater in the greenhouse goes out on a cold February night, your farm dashboard will text you.  It's like having an employee watching over things when you can't. 

Wireless Sensors Monitoring Farm
Data Upload to the Dashboard
Email, Text Messages and Voice Alerts
Latest News 

iMonnit 3.0 Available Dec 3 2019

Monnit is launching a new version of their cloud base dashboard that will be much improved over the 2.0 version.  As with many software upgrades, the 2.0 version was not well received by users, and most of us continued to use the Classic version.  Then new iMonnit 3.0 system will address the issues with 2.0.  The Classic version will still be function into the spring to help with the transition to the new system.


 Peace of Mind for Farm Staff

Shalom Farms, Goochland VA

Shalom Farms, large nonprofit farm that provides food to local food banks  has a cellular gateway and wireless Monnit sensor in their greenhouse to keep track of temperatures. Because the farm staff do not live on the farm, they choose a cellular gateway with a battery backup to insure that they could get alerts even in a power outage.

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